pexels-photo-568025.jpegI read all the history books in the library history of Alexander the great, about Africa, the world and not forgotten the greatest history book the bible.

But one book yes one history book will forever fascinate me, non documented seen or known by few yes written in the Cerebrum (brain) of the dead man, yes this history can only be found in a library of the dead yes the graveyard.

The true history yes the world was build in the dark, in the dark where I want to be, in the dark where you’ll find how the great Egypt pyramid was built, yes the dark where the dinosaurs live, yes the dark the secret where the world was created the dead man’s library where the true documentation on how the world was formed or created and by who ! aliens from another planet or God.

The dark the secret where I can find how Jesus was conceived the secret to know where I’m going after life.

Did bin laden really die ?

Did the world trade centre really got hit by an airplane or bomb down by construction workers ?

The secret where my curious brain wants to be. The cat will never die .My unhypocritical uncle will never become a drunkard. My humanity will be lessened to that of an animal .

The truth about the worlds  secret will only be known by the writer.

Do you want to know the truth no I want to know the secret .The truth is what you told me but the secret is what really happened.

Sex on fire

sea-beach-holiday-vacation.jpgShe told me to be patient I said I’m going to funk it up ,you make me feel so good inside. you make me feel like a natural woman.she told me be who you are so I gave it all, I gave it all like there’s no tomorrow she said it’s not about the money so I should bring it home bring it home to me, because all we want to do is to make the world dance. Give me one moment in time when I’m facing you face to face this sex is on fire. Do you believe in life after this do you believe in life after this, because something just changed in me everyone deserves a second chance a second chance to find this sex is on fire .I can’t believe how this turns me on, you are the key to my peace of mind the sex is on fire


pexels-photo-827152.jpegI will never die, yes I will live forever I will see every generation, every change of president every change in fashion, yes I will watch Ghana win her first ever first world cup, yes I will be there I will never die I will never die yes I might even be the president of the world yes just a good Turn  today and I’ll rule the world. I will be there at my funeral yes I will shake the hands and welcome you give you a drink and save you a feast, I will be there I will never die if just maybe the world stays this way and there is no nuclear war ,I will be there when God comes for his world yes I will live forever but with anaemia I will forget the past and remember the previous yes if you want to meet me and have a chat with me just call my son

June July

pexels-photo-823694.jpegJune july you back again

june july you bring a lot of tears ,tears that cleanse the earth, tears that bring a promise of tomorrow each rain drop nourish the earth for a bounty harvest. June july how I miss you.

Memories of the past you unlock in every shatta of the window thunderous words of God, keeps everyone silent not even  the loudest music is heard with no sunshine laundry baskets are kept full June July my best part of the year

journey through life

pexels-photo-235648.jpegAs I walk through the tunnel there is a light at the end. I have to get to the light. my strength carries me on well, that’s what I thought .echoes in my ear run it’s a race, don’t mind what they say it gets better where you stand, hey can’t you see everyone is running ,it is the best place to be come follow us .my step in a tunnel so dark I couldn’t see where my help cometh my light the light of the world they say is within you the tunnel so dark I forgot to search so busy to get to the light I forgot the light within my tunnel  your tunnel our tunnel.  life oh life get us through this tunnel.